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What to Look for in a Daycare For Dogs
Daycare is a great way for pet owners to give their dogs the attention and exercise they need, while allowing them to be socialized and have fun. If you are looking for a dog daycare near you, there are several options to consider, including those that offer cage-free care, or those that are run by individuals who love animals and have experience caring for them.

Cage-Free Care
There are a number of dog daycare businesses that provide cage-free care. Both offer a range of services and amenities, including playgroups, indoor and outdoor activities, grooming, and more.

Groups – Customized for Dogs
At some dog daycares, the staff assigns dogs to groups based on their size and temperament. This helps ensure that dogs don’t play too hard, which can lead to over-excitement and stress in some dogs.

A group daycare is a great choice for dogs who are excited to meet other dogs and socialize. It is also a good fit for dogs who are nervous or have special needs, such as hearing loss.

Typically, dog daycares have multiple playgroups during the day. Each group is made up of 2 to 8 dogs that are of similar size and temperament. These playgroups are supervised by professional daycare managers who work with each dog to make sure they have a safe, fun, and healthy time.

Training – For dogs who are anxious or have specific training needs, the trainers at your daycare will help them learn new tricks and engage in games that are safe for all involved. These trainers have received professional-level pet care education and are committed to providing a safe, fun, and rewarding experience for all canine guests.

The trainers at your dog daycare will take the time to assess your dog’s needs and work with you to develop a plan for their daycare experience. This will include creating a daily schedule, which helps keep your dog engaged and on track.

Your staff should be trained in animal behaviour and certified in pet first aid. This will give you peace of mind that your dog will be in the best hands.

Temperament Testing – To ensure that the canines who enter your daycare are safe, you’ll need to perform temperament tests on each dog. These aren’t required by law, but they’re one of the best ways to prevent injuries and scuffles between dogs.

Ideally, your dog temperament test should include interviewing the pet parent and observing their dog’s behavior before deciding whether they are a good candidate for your daycare. If you see any behavioral issues that you don’t believe your pet would be able to handle, it’s best to inform the owner of the issue and reschedule their appointment.

In addition to a good temperament test, it’s important to conduct background checks on any workers who will be responsible for caring for your canine friends. This can be done by asking for personal references and checking to see if they have pets of their own, as well as any criminal records.

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