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Types of Trucking Service
Trucking service is a form of logistics and transportation that involves moving freight from one location to another. It is a critical component of supply chains and has become an important way for businesses to keep their products moving from the manufacturer to the end user.

The trucking industry is a crucial part of the American economy and serves a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, retail, and oil and gas production. The industry serves as a major source of employment and income for many Americans, accounting for 3.5 million jobs and $1.3 trillion in total economic output in 2018.

Types of Trucking Services
There are a wide variety of different types of trucking services that can help your business move goods to and from various locations. Each type of service offers something specific to your needs, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

LTL: Less than Truckload – This is a service that moves smaller, more delicate freight items in 53′ trailers that are shipped to different customers all over the country. It typically costs more than FTL but it can be a good option for many small businesses that do not have the budget to ship everything to their customers in a single trailer.

Private Fleets – This is an industry that is comprised of companies that manufacture a product but also have a fleet of drivers that haul their products across the country. Some examples of private fleets include Frito Lay, FedEx and UPS.

Common Carrier: A freight transportation company that carries goods on a regular basis from one location to another, and is often used by large commercial companies for transporting materials and supplies. Its primary function is to satisfy the logistics needs of various shippers, but some companies sign contracts with a select number of shippers to fulfill their freight shipping requirements.

Contract Carriers: A fleet of trucks that transports freight for a specific shipper under a contract. These companies may charge a service fee but the rates are generally set through the contract.

Freight Broker: A non-asset based company that arranges and manages the transportation of shipments on behalf of its clients. They are an important part of the trucking industry as they can handle large volumes of shipments in a timely manner and negotiate rates on their client’s behalf.

Refrigerated Trucks: This is a specialized service that provides a cold truck to transport perishable products such as milk and meat. It also specializes in delivering flowers and other products that need special attention during transit to preserve their quality.

White-Glove: This is a specialized service that includes the handling of sensitive, high value or fragile items that must be handled with care while in transit. These products require a lot of time, effort, and specialized equipment to transport them.

This is an extremely important type of trucking service as it can help your business avoid expensive damages during transit. This type of service can also help your company avoid delays and other issues that can occur during the delivery process.

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